The new 3941MILANO capsule presents a new model: ARIELLE

Small, but very capacious, Arielle declines in five new fantasies. The theme of the kaleidoscope used in the collection, is here reinterpreted and expanded using different geometric shapes such as rhombus and ovoid patterns. Also new are the pure geometries that are inspired by the world of the circus and its stars or the purity of perfectly defined lines and empty spaces. You can not miss the floral theme that is inspired by the colors and shapes of wildflowers of a villa in Granville in Normandy. 
Arielle has been studied and elaborated so that it has a triple use. 
Underarm: The multi-colored braided cord that emphasizes the sport-couture soul.
Shoulder strap:  The chain allows you to reinterpret the bag in a more street and everyday vision.
By hand:   Removing both handles Arielle turns into an ideal Clutch for every occasion, even the most unexpected.


A mini collection with a unique multifaceted protagonist and multitasking like the woman who inspired her. 
Arielle is produced, like everything concerning our line, from laboratories that are the maximum expression of craftsmanship and savoir-faire both in the field of leather goods and in that of embroidery. They are all realities that respect the worker and the laws that protect him. All the materials used are completely recyclable and non-polluting and the dyes used to dye the leather or the various components are only vegetable dyes. 
Even ARIELLE is a timeless bag or seasonality is a bag that immediately communicates its appeal thanks to its material appearance, made evident through the three-dimensional workings and its dazzling chromatisms studied so as to be immediately appealing.

All this is made possible thanks to a thorough study of our territory and its craftsmanship that allowed us to rediscover techniques and processes that were in danger of being lost and that we try to feed with each of our new collections.