3941 Milano born from an idea and a desire.
The idea is the inspiration that leads to a continuous and constant search for all that is unique, like the masterpieces of high fashion clothes.
The desire is to create and develop our personal vision of elegance.

From here, through a clean and elegant lines and the luxury of precious materials, a very unique collection of bags takes shape.
3941 Milano is an exclusive line composed of unique pieces as unique are the materials of which it is composed. Exclusive embroideries made specifically for our bags by embroidered masters, leathers and accessories carefully selected and then worked by expert leather goods to make the bag, a small jewel of Italian craftsmanship.
Starting from all these resources 3941 Milano creates the URBAN COUTURE bag. Practice, small shapes, extraordinary richness, embroidered and handmade in Italy. Everything is created with respect for nature, minimizing the impact on the environment.

These are the principles that have inspired and guided us in the creation of 3941 Milano.
These are the characteristics that we will keep constant for all that we will create in the future.