The attention to detail

With the continuous and frenetic evolution of fashion we are constantly looking for the new. However, in the world of aesthetics, to which the


brand belongs, the new absolute does not exist, since it is always the result of one or another of what is known: or it draws inspiration or causes an antithetical reaction.

This is how our collection is born.
Our ideas circulate and we need to put them on paper and make them concrete and real.
Build them a life.

Everything starts from here, from a black stroke on a sheet, from the choice of a color or a shape.
A series of infinite sketches constitutes the first frame of the collection.
In these sketches forms and structures are studied and developed, even risky combinations are proposed, colors and hypothetical fantasies are chosen.
It seems that everything is governed by chaos, but everything is studied in a precise and meticulous way.

The inspirations are sought and found thanks to careful studies of fashion trends, and with research conducted in parallel through magazines or directly by contacting the road and its various protagonists.
The results are then mixed with the parallel research conducted in the markets or in the most important exhibitions of modern art.

These are the starting points for the choice of embroidery or colors to be used.
Yes, the embroideries, the second skin of our creations.
Embroidery, literally decorating a fabric with the help of a drawing drawn by a thread, they are all performed by highly specialized laboratories with whom we have a direct and very close relationship especially during the development of the first tests.

In the early stages design and materials can, or must undergo continuous changes, both to adapt to our ideas and to achieve the perfection and harmony of the whole.

Each sample is always supervised directly and daily thanks to continuous updates with the laboratories.
Nothing is left to chance and everything is meticulously kept under control.

Together with the study of embroidery there is the first proof of the shapes salps.
The salpa is the first "dress" of the bag, and is made of recyclable fabric.
These forms are then developed by expert leatherworkers, in Italian laboratories.
In this phase we modify, correct and define all the proportions and all the details.

Even the developed forms are the result of careful analysis.
These market studies conducted on a niche of selected customers have led us to choose small and compact shapes that in addition to practicality combine the exclusivity of haute couture embroidery and the uniqueness of a craft product.

This is how our URBAN COUTURE bags were born.

This is how the 3941 MILANO line was created and developed.