Two main themes have guided us in the creation of the collection

3941 MILANO and two are the key words to enter our world:




The first key word brings us back to contact with nature. We imagined being inside a dark cube, a metaphor of our existence burdened by a thousand commitments and continuous external stresses that stress human nature.
Suddenly we lack the breath, we need air, we begin to press hard against our cube. And with infinite strength we break it and find ourselves catapulted into a new world. Here everything is light and by reaction to the darkness in which we have lived, everything is beautifully alive, colored and the tones are super saturated. There is no cement but only nature. A pop, true, psychedelic nature that we were not used to but that we breathe and love.

And the feeling of entering this new world excites us almost like the hallucinogenic effect of a drug. We can no longer do without it, it becomes an obsession. We strip everything that we had been and dress in flowers, we feed on them. Their innumerable pop colors blind our sight and, like a kaleidoscopic magical journey, our pop flowers obsession begins.


A perfume. Nothing like an essence brings us back to specific moments of our experience. This time, however, we are dealing with a life that is no longer so personal, but rather something more general concerning us all as human beings. It is a journey that takes us to our origins. A scent that tastes of geometries but that at first notes has a tribal hint. It is a game, one of fusions of shapes and styles, a set of fantasies that create unpredictable and improbable patchwork. They refer us to the great American graffiti artists like Haring or Basquiat: from metropolitan streets to art galleries. It is a light aroma that speaks clearly of ancestral contacts with

the deepest part of prehistoric and present in each of us. Which brings back to the collective consciousness a whole heritage of precious signs and designs of inestimable value. It is a perfume emanating from the colors that brings back to the warm tones of the African land like deep red, terracotta, broken by sudden flashes of intense blue and golden yellow of the sky and the sun. It is a unique journey that starts from the distant dirt roads of our ancestors to get to those of our cities, bringing back symbols and signs that we find on the walls today.